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Coating & Painting Specialists in Hermosa beach, California

Coating & Painting Specialists in Hermosa Beach, California

Having information about the project you are about to undertake is important. Our Hermosa Beach, California, based coating and painting specialists use a certain process for each project from LG Painting & Deck Coating.
Coating & Painting Specialists in Hermosa beach, California

Process for Decorative Cement/Epoxy Coatings:

Prior to application of any coating system the concrete must be:
• Clean & Dry
• Free of Grease, Paint, Oil, Dust, Curing Agents, & Foreign Material That Will Prevent Proper Adhesion
• 28 Days Cured If New Cement
• 2,500 Psi
• Porous & Able to Absorb Water
• Have a Water Content of 4% or Less.
• Meet Local Building Codes
It is always important to test existing concrete slabs for efflorescence, moisture, and hydro static pressure.
Coating & Painting Specialists in Hermosa beach, California

Preparing Cement for Decorative Coatings

• Prepare Cement-by Grinding, Water Blasting, or Shot-Blasting to Achieve a Surface to Feel Like 50-80 Grit Sandpaper
• Seal Cracks
• Apply 2-3 Cementitious Coatings
• Topcoat
Coating & Painting Specialists in Hermosa beach, California

Process for Decks/Balconies

Surface Preparation
• The Surface Must Be Clean, Dry, & Free of Debris, Grease, Paint, & Curing Agents
• Be a Minimum of 5/8" CDX Exterior Grade Plywood, Though 3/4" CDX Is Preferred
• Be Sloped at Least 1/4" per Linear Foot to Insure Proper Drainage
• Meet Local Building Codes & Be Tongue & Grooved
• Properly Blocked & Nailed but Glued & Screwed Is Best
• The Plywood Must Have a Minimum of 16" Joist Span
• Deflection Must Be Less than L/360
    *OSB Is Not a Recognized as a Suitable Substrate
Process for Plywood
• Install Flashing
• Metal Lath
• Three Cementitious Applications
• Topcoat
On Elevated Cement
• Install Flashing
• Fiberglass
• 2-3 Waterproof Acrylic Coatings
• Top Coat
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