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DECK COATING & REPAIRS Los Angeles & Orange County CA

LG Painting & Deck Coating Services Los Angeles & Orange County, We are a waterproofing & epoxy coating specialist company. Residential structures include apartment buildings, HOA Communities and single family homes. Property Managers and HOA Associations please call Lester Garcia at 877-761-9061 to get an estimate.
• Patio Decking
• Balconies
• Stairwells
• Stairs
• Railings
• Pool Decking
• Concrete Resurfacing
• Repairs
• Nonskid Coating Applications
• Epoxy Coatings
• Water Proofing
• Concrete Sealing & Coating

Deck Coating Inspections & Waterproof Coating Maintenance

Most deck coating systems can last 25 years or more but they do need to maintained, inspected and resealed to get the maximum life out of the structures decks, balconies and stairwells. We usually recommend that this work be done every 2-3 years but heavily traveled areas may need to serviced more often. During the resealing process we pressure clean the surface, patch and repair existing coatings or damage , apply a new waterproof coatings and if required additional coating done in high traffic lanes or areas.

Decking Repairs & New Deck Coating

Inspect your patios, decks, stairwells & balconies frequently. By doing so you can catch small problems before they become a more serious water damage issues saving the considerable costs of having to allocated funds for structural leak damages. What to look for……. Look for cracks in the deck coating, nails pushing through the waterproof coating from the subsurface and any bubbling in the deck coating or paint surfaces in the area. Also any stains in the apartments or homeowners walls or roof near the patio, decking or stairwells areas should prompt an inspection right way…

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